The Watercolours of Blamire Young
by Stephen Robertson Marshall

The definitive volume on the master of Australian watercolour painting. Blamire Young (1862-1935) is represented in the collections of every major public gallery in Australia. Measuring 30 x 23 cm this beautiful hardback, complete with slipcase, contains 650 pages depicting the artist's body of work in watercolour. Approximately two thousand known paintings are listed with 500 reproduced in large format colour and another 300 with smaller identification images. This book is for the scholar, the collector and all art lovers.

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William Blamire Young (1862-1935), Artist, Scholar & Writer
by Jennifer McConnell

A database on cd-rom of over 2000 entries compiled by the artist's grand-daughter.

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The Art of Water Colour
by Blamire Young

An informative manuscript written by the great exponent of this medium.

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